The DEEP Difference

DEEP RELIEF was founded by Louisa Tomaio, a licensed acupuncturist/massage therapist with over 15 years’ experience helping clients reduce pain, tension and stress through bodywork, acupuncture and nutritional consults.

By gathering feedback from thousands of clients over the years, Louisa realized there was a common pattern of client frustrations in the massage market, due to inconsistent pressure and inconsistent results when frequenting mainstream massage facilities.

Being an insider with experience working in quite a few of these facilities, she understood the root of these issues.

How it Typically Works At Other Companies

An undereducated client doesn’t and shouldn’t necessarily know what they need, but they do know that they need relief from pain or tension and they assume they are seeking help from “experts” in the field.

The client assumes therapist knows what they’re doing and usually does not offer any direction to the therapist because:

- Client assumes LMT is an expert

- Client is shy when laying on a table virtually naked

- Client is not sure what they need to get the results they may be seeking

The massage therapist has been minimally trained in massage school and now carries a license to practice.

Most therapist acquire their first job at a national chain or franchise (because they are widely available), while they may be a gifted therapist, they have only learned the massage schools basic curriculum which may fall short in:

- Teaching effective communication between therapist and client

- Teaching advanced therapeutic techniques to get better results

The massage establishment offers little to no in-house training or guidelines to their therapists to achieve consistent high quality results.

The massage establishment underpays therapists forcing therapists to work extended hours, which means they likely won’t be able to put in as much effort as needed to give clients high quality Deep Tissue massage on a consistent basis.

The DEEP RELIEF Solution

Being a natural problem solver and knowing she could create something better for the client and therapist, Louisa set out to resolve these issues for both the client and the therapist. 

DR Members enjoy complimentary add-ons, our pricing is transparent. We won’t upcharge you with add-ons and additional costs.

Your health is very important to us, so we spend extra time training our therapists, sanitizing the facility and we even designed our building with clean, environmental practices in mind.

Learn more about our clean, healthy building

We pay our therapists above the industry standard so they can afford to take the time they need.

Our therapists are licensed, insured, fully vetted, uniformed and trained in advance techniques including our client-centered “DR HIT THE SPOT” method.

Continuity and consistency is key to the DEEP Difference.

Like the cup of coffee you know you can count on at your local Starbucks, we train our therapists so you can count on a consistent high-quality therapeutic massage from all our therapists, visit after visit.

A New and Better Massage Franchise

Louisa started by honing her best pain relief practices from her vast knowledge in eastern and western bodywork into standardized treatment protocols that would  guarantee RELIEF every time, thus eliminating the all to common frustrations between client and therapist.

The result was a unique Signature Massage called  “DR Hit The Spot” which incorporates long, gliding strokes(for relaxation response), combined with muscle stripping, trigger point and acupressure techniques  all centered around seven specific hot spots, known to contribute to the most common pain patterns. And a unique communication system called “The Perfect Pressure Number System”, which ensures adequate communication between client and therapist ensuring every client receives their preferred perfect pressure throughout the whole massage.  

All this adds up to a highly reproducible, high quality massage you can count on every time!
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