Complete Massage Therapy Services


This therapeutic technique focuses on deeper muscle layers to target adhesions and stiffness that builds up due to over, under and improper use of muscles, all leading to reduced circulation.


Hypersensitive areas in tight muscle bands, known as “trigger points,” cause pain at the site and can refer pain to other areas of the body. Releasing these points improves treatment outcomes.


Known as “barefoot massage” or “Ashi,” this unique form of massage uses gravity to produce one of the most effective and relaxing deep tissue massages on the planet.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is designed to address the unique needs and discomforts that can arise during pregnancy, offering relief from the physical and emotional stresses associated with carrying a baby.

The massage is performed while the expectant mother is lying on either their side or stomach depending on their individual preferences, special bolstering and pillows are used to support and ensure comfort and safety during the massage.


Orthopedic massage is a therapeutic approach focused on addressing musculoskeletal issues and specific conditions related to the body’s structure, function, and movement. It involves the assessment and treatment of soft tissues, joints, and muscles to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and restore functionality.

Relaxation Massage

Our Signature Relaxation Massage is a customizable, light pressure massage with long gliding strokes as the foundation. Perfect for those who wish to drift off and experienced good feeling hormones for improved mood and sleep.


First developed in Ancient China and popular to this day, “cupping therapy” or “myofascial decompression therapy” is a powerful and effective way to improve healing and increase circulation.


Our unique DR Hit The Spot method uses long gliding strokes, muscle stripping, trigger point and acupressure techniques all centered around seven hot spots known to contribute to common pain patterns.


Our #7 Perfect Pressure communication system ensures that you receive the pressure that’s right for you.


Our comprehensive, head-to-toe, customizable massage uses our Hit The Spot method and our #7 Perfect Pressure communication system to promote relief and restoration throughout the body.

Massage therapy is one of the most time tested techniques for muscle tension and relaxation. It has been used for millennia – since before the days of Ancient Egypt – and continues to be practiced by most of the cultures of the world.

Often massage is designed to be a relaxing experience, as you are surrounded by relaxing music, aromatic oils, and more. But massage is more than a chance to “unwind.” Massage also provides the body with therapeutic pressure that has many benefits to those struggling with stress, tension, and pain.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

​Researchers are still discovering more and more benefits to massage therapy techniques. Some of the primary benefits include, but are not limited to:

In addition, countless studies have shown that when the body feels better, the mind does as well. Those with anxiety, stress, and possibly depression often find that massage has mental health benefits as well, capable of providing them with a better mood and improved stress coping.

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