Trigger Point Therapy

The nerves in the body are complex. Pain in one part of the body may be the result of tight areas of muscle tissue in another part of the body.

These tight areas are known as “trigger points.” They are muscles that, when tense, cause the nerves in other areas of the body to signal that they are under distress.

Examples include:

  • Trigger points in the upper back may cause pain in the neck.
  • Trigger points in the neck may cause pain in the head.
  • Trigger points in the lower back may cause pain in the legs.

The pain can vary, with some people experiencing sharp and intense pains while others experience more of the dull ache that is typical of muscle tension. But regardless, these trigger points can cause discomforts that reduce your quality of life.

Trigger Point Therapy in Austin, TX at DEEP Relief

DEEP Relief in Austin uses a technique known as “Trigger Point Massage Therapy” to release specific areas of tension in the muscle that cause pain.  The client is active in this type of massage, letting your massage therapist know the degree of discomfort, breathing, and more. Your massage therapist then places isolated pressure on the trigger point, releasing the tight muscles so that the pain is removed.

Trigger point pain can sometimes be chronic and recurring. But it usually takes only a single trigger point massage treatment to see significant pain relief. You can also schedule preventative follow up treatments to keep the muscles loose and pain free.

Call DEEP Relief for More Information

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for trigger point massage therapy in Austin, Texas, call today at 512-529-0027.

Our team is made up of practiced and licensed massage therapists that are able to identify whether or not you are struggling with trigger points and work with each client to relieve them of their pain. Contact DEEP Relief today to get started.

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