Also known as needle therapy, this natural, non-pharmaceutical treatment places very thin needles in targeted areas related to chronic pain. These needles then trigger the release of several hormones that the body naturally uses to decrease pain, improve mood, and more.

Our experienced acupuncturists are specially trained to treat several common ailments, including pain management, stress, muscle tension, headaches, migraines, neuropathy, anxiety and depression.

We specialize in several styles of acupuncture that are best suited for different goals. Your Acupuncture Physician will review your symptoms to determine which treatment is right for you. Often it is necessary to test different styles to see which one your body responds best to.

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Distal Needle Acupuncture

This method addresses treatment points at the source of pain versus where the pain is experienced. For example, a pain in the leg may be due to an injury in the lower back.

By taking into consideration how blood flows and where nerves send impulses, this treatment provides effective results with instant relief.

acupuncture being performed on a hand
needles on a spine during acupuncture therapy

Motor Point Acupuncture

This treatment is highly effective for addressing muscle spasms, chronic tension and old injuries with loss of range of motion. It treats both acute and chronic issues by placing needles at trigger points and motor points in the effected muscles.

Trigger points are tight muscle fibers that prevent normal function and movement of the muscles. By relaxing these tight fibers, not only can the muscle move freely but it also improves blood flow, range of motion, and balance for a faster recovery.

Motor points are the exact locations where a nerve enters a muscle. Placing a needle in the right spot, stimulates the muscle spindles. This stimulation creates a twitch response that resets the nerves and muscle allowing the muscle to relax and regain its range of motion.


Also known as intramuscular stimulation, this treatment also uses trigger points and motor points to stimulate the nerves and muscles responsible for the development of pain and discomfort.

With dry needling, no anesthetic is used, nor is any type of liquid or medicinal agent placed through the needle.

Dry needling can also speed up the recovery process, making it a popular choice for treating sports injuries.

acupuncture needles on a persons back
electroacupuncture on a persons back


In this form of acupuncture, a small electrical current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles.

This style often augments the use of traditional acupuncture to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, which helps reduce pain often associated with arthritis or neuropathy.


Also known as scraping, gua sha is the practice of using a small tool to apply pressure and scrape lubricated areas of the skin, muscle and fascia.

This method creates petechiae called ‘sha’ that appears as temporary, small red or purple spots on the skin that can reduce fever, improve local circulation and break down adhesions.

Gua Sha being performing on the back of a persons neck

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