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Our bodies hold the tension we experience. Slouching at the computer, persevering through difficult workouts, enduring stressful days at work, and dealing with other triggers in daily life culminates in body aches and mental stress.

Swedish massage offers much-needed relief from everyday burdens and pains. Swedish massage therapy is the most popular and widely practiced form of massage available. Often called a “classic massage,” this technique is known for its smooth strokes and relaxing atmosphere.

A Swedish massage is a perfect way to de-stress after a difficult week or treat yourself to a truly relaxing experience. Come soothe your body and mind with the best Austin Swedish massage at DEEP Relief.

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is a full-body massage technique that reaches soft tissue and muscle with relaxing, smooth strokes in the direction blood flows to the heart. Swedish massage is an effective natural relaxation strategy to eliminate stress and anxiety, improve circulation, promote better sleep, and refresh your energy.

Swedish massage also offers physical benefits including pain reduction and loosening of tense muscles. Swedish technique is known for its relaxing touch and smooth, generally discomfort-free strokes. This massage is gentler than deep tissue and is perfect for those seeking a comfortable, relaxing way to care for their body and mind.

Our Swedish massage therapists use the five common strokes that are characteristic of this technique:

At DEEP Relief in Austin, we also work to create the ideal atmosphere for your comfort. We are happy to adjust the pressure of these massages based on your preferences.

deep tissue massage therapist performing on a patient lying on their stomach

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Like other types of massage, Swedish massage relaxes muscles and improves blood flow. This technique offers a host of benefits, including:

In addition to these physical benefits, Swedish massage contributes to improved mental health. Swedish massages have been shown to bolster positive mental health by reducing anxiety, improving emotional resilience, and enhancing general feelings of well-being.

Is Swedish Massage Right For You?

Swedish massage is suitable for almost anyone, especially those who:

If you have never had a massage before or know you want to enjoy a relaxing session, a Swedish massage is a perfect choice.

Schedule a Swedish Massage in Austin, TX

There is nothing quite like a Swedish massage to help you get through a tough week. If you are interested in scheduling your massage appointment, please call DEEP Relief today at 512-529-0027 and let our licensed massage therapists help you relax from a long and difficult week.

- Swedish Massage Therapy FAQ -

Does Swedish Massage Hurt?

Swedish massages should not hurt. You may experience very slight discomfort in tense areas, but your therapist will work through them with gentle movements. At DEEP Relief in Austin, our licensed massage therapists are ready to communicate throughout your massage to ensure you receive the best treatment possible. We adjust the pressure to meet your needs and help you feel rejuvenated.

How Long Will the Swedish Massage Session Last?

We have several options to suit your individual desires and budget. Our shortest massage is 50 minutes, for a little more TLC choose an 80 minute session, or for total luxury go for our 110 minute session. During any massage, you are welcome to add on 10 or even 20 minutes if you find you need just a few more minutes of relaxation.

What Can You Wear During a Swedish Massage?

During Swedish massages, it is customary to completely disrobe and lay undressed between the sheets under the blanket provided. Your therapist will keep you properly draped during the whole treatment, only exposing the body part they are working on at that moment.

We want you to feel completely comfortable during your session and be able to relax, otherwise, it defeats the purpose of getting a massage. So if for any reason you prefer to leave any undergarments on during the treatment we will do our best to work around them.

What Parts of My Body Will Be Massaged?

During a Swedish massage, you are welcome to request a full body or a targeted treatment on select areas. It is totally up to you what areas we cover during the treatment. It is typical in a full body massage for the therapist to massage the head, face feet, scalp, arms, legs, back, and neck. What we do not work on is genitals or breasts (female). Also, typically we do not do abdomen massage unless specifically requested by the client.

How Often Should You Get A Swedish Massage?

Since Swedish massages are gentle on the body, it is safe to get Swedish massages as often as twice a day. We recommend getting a Swedish massage once a week or every two weeks if you have a high-stress job or lifestyle. Many people choose to get Swedish massages once per month for general maintenance. You can discuss your needs with our expert therapists to find a schedule that fits your routine.

What Will the Swedish Massage Feel Like?

During a Swedish massage, our therapists use Sacred Earth massage cream, which is high quality, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free, pleasing even the most discriminating clients. They apply a thin coat of cream to the area they are working on to help glide their hands across your skin. With light to medium pressure the therapist will work through the body, usually starting with the back and neck first, then moving through the rest of the areas requested as muscles relax and circulation improves.

Your therapist may use any of the five strokes of Swedish massage upon request: Effleurage, kneading, compression, vibration, and rhythmic tapping. Though at DEEP Relief our signature massage uses mainly long gliding strokes of effleurage for ultimate relaxation. You will feel your muscles relax under their touch and tension gently release.

Swedish vs. Deep Tissue Massage

While Swedish massage utilizes gentle and soft touches to relax the body, deep tissue massage uses more forceful strokes and applied pressure. Deep tissue massage uses deep, sustained pressure to reach the underlying layers of connective and muscle tissue. Swedish massage is recommended for general stress relief and body relaxation. Deep tissue offers similar benefits but goes a step further toward treating chronic pain, tension, and acute injury.

Some clients prefer deep tissue’s firm pressure, while others want a lighter, relaxing massage with less force. Our Austin massage therapists are happy to discuss these options with you and help you find your ideal massage.

What Are the Side Effects of a Swedish Massage?

While a Swedish massage offers many benefits, some clients experience side effects during or after their treatment. Potential side effects include:

  • Soreness, especially in areas that hold a lot of tension
  • Nausea caused by the release of toxins or increased blood flow
  • Allergy to some massage oils or creams

We ask that you please tell your therapist if you are prone to these effects prior to your treatment and communicate any discomfort during your massage. Many of these feelings can be avoided through communication and personalized treatment. Any nausea should pass in an hour after treatment, and soreness should fade within a day or two.

Why Do Swedish Massage Techniques Use French Names?

The Swedish massage has a complicated history, and “Swedish” is a misnomer for what other parts of the world call a “classic” massage. The technique was invented in the 1860s by Dutch doctor Johann Georg Mezger, who treated his patients with French massage techniques.

Mezger created a system of five effective techniques which still serves as the foundation of modern Swedish massage. The French names, such as effleurage, tapotement, and petrissage, come from the original French methods he borrowed from while creating his method.

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