Lymphatic Massage Therapy for Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

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Cosmetic surgery, while beneficial for long-term results, brings about short-term challenges that need careful management. Any surgery, including cosmetic procedures, can strain the body, leading to symptoms like fluid buildup and swelling due to lymphatic system overstimulation.

If you’re considering or have recently undergone cosmetic surgery, collaborating with a licensed massage therapist is crucial. They can provide lymphatic massages that significantly expedite the recovery process.

In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know about lymphatic drainage massages, both pre and post-surgery. At Deep Relief Austin, our team of skilled massage therapists are thoroughly trained in this technique, ensuring a swift recovery and helping you return to your best quickly.

What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Typically, the body manages the lymph system autonomously. However, cosmetic surgeries can disrupt this process, overstimulating the lymphatic system and causing undesirable fluid retention and swelling. A lymphatic drainage massage, developed in the 1930s in Germany by Emil and Estrid Vodder (known as the Vodder Method), uses light pressure to reduce swelling by moving excess fluid back into the lymph vessels. This method has become a crucial component of both pre and post-operative care.

The Benefits of a Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massages are beneficial not only for surgical patients but for anyone experiencing fluid retention. This massage technique helps transport fluid towards the lymph nodes for expulsion, enhancing feelings of lightness and rejuvenation. Additionally, it improves skin glow, reduces tension, and aids in the recovery from injuries by decreasing tissue inflammation.

How Cosmetic Procedures Affect The Body

While cosmetic surgeries are performed to enhance appearance, they can initially shock the body, leading to bruising, fatigue, pain, water retention, and inflammation. Lymphatic drainage is effective in mitigating these effects.

Pre-Surgery Lymphatic Drainage

Receiving a lymphatic drainage massage before surgery can reduce potential scarring, tissue damage, and pain, thereby facilitating a quicker recovery and reducing post-surgical swelling. This preparation also aids surgeons by ensuring the operative area is optimally drained.

Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage

Post-surgery, the body undergoes trauma and naturally produces more fluid to protect itself, which can prolong recovery. A post-operative lymphatic massage helps reduce this fluid accumulation, easing pain and expediting recovery by eliminating metabolic waste that could hinder the healing process.

Frequency of Lymphatic Massages

The recommended frequency of lymphatic massages varies based on the individual’s fluid retention level. Typically, a treatment plan might include two to three sessions per week until swelling is significantly reduced.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning cosmetic surgery, consider integrating lymphatic drainage massages into your recovery plan. Contact us at Deep Relief Austin to schedule an appointment with one of our expert massage therapists. For bookings, use our online form or call us at (512) 529-0027 to discuss your needs with our friendly staff.

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