As part of our mission to provide accessible, high-quality massage therapy, Deep Relief Austin is proud to be in-network with SANA. Our affiliation makes it easy for SANA members to avail themselves of our services, with minimum hassle and maximum benefit.

Deep Relief Austin & SANA: A Partnership for Your Wellness

Being in-network with SANA, we can efficiently coordinate your coverage, ensuring seamless therapy sessions without the stress of insurance concerns. Experience the leading massage therapy in Austin, Texas, knowing your wellness and financial security are our top priorities.

  • Sana is one company that does cover Massage, also acupuncture and chiropractic on all it’s plans
  • Acupuncture, Massage therapy & Chiropractic are considered a part of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM)


  • Often Massage therapy is not covered by health insurance, but when choosing a new plan you can do your research and look for a plan that does cover Massage therapy.


Massage Therapy Coverage

If you learn that your insurer covers massage therapy, ask these questions so you will understand how your policy will cover it:

  • What are the conditions to qualify for reimbursement?
  • Is there is a deductible or any out-of-pocket cost to you? 
  • Is there is a maximum amount payable per policy term/year?
  • Is there a maximum reimbursement per visit? For example, if the maximum per visit is $90, and you use a massage therapist who will charge $150, you will not be able to claim the full amount.
  • Is there a time limit per body region?
  • Are there specific massage therapists you must go to?
  • Do all types of massage qualify for coverage?
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